The 12th Iranian and the second International Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing

About Ahvaz

Ahvaz is located in Khuzestan plain with the height of 18 meters above the sea level and enjoys a hot and humid climate. This city surrounded by fertile and flat plain from the north and center, sand dunes from east and west and arid plain of Maron from southern and southeastern which contains a huge source of gas and oil and this city is placed in the hottest areas of Iran due to the acute shortage of vegetation. Ahvaz is the political, administrative and trade center of Khuzestan province that consists of 3 parts "Markazi", "Bavi", "Hamidieh", 5 cities and 12 rural districts. Ahvaz metropolis is the third largest city after Tehran and Mashhad and seventh most populous city in Iran.


Ahvaz is a large, vast, most advanced and populous city in Khuzestan and one of the most important economic and industrial centers in Iran. The big industrial factories, National Iranian South oil fields company and National Iranian Drilling Company turn this city into one of the most significant industrial centers in Iran and it is the cause of attracting the immigrants. This city is the important transit way connecting the cities of Iran to significant ports, including Mahshahr, Abadan, Imam Khomeini and Khoramshahr as Marine borders, and Shalamcheh and Chazabe as the land borders to Iraq by land ways, railways and airways. Big and prestigious universities of Ahvaz have a privileged position in terms of their research and education system.



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